The importance of self-confidence

Being a student is a project in itself, and like many other projects, the more motivated you are, the more likely you are to achieve the desired result. It's certainly unfair if you don't manage to gain this confidence because it means that you will have to multiply your efforts in a context where you don't believe in your ability to get there. And curiously enough, although it will come as no surprise to anyone, your failure is almost certain, not because of your real (in)abilities, but only because of your perception of them. Henry Ford, the industrialist and founder of the car manufacturer Ford, who was also an innovator in his field, used to say: "Whether you think you can do it or not, you are right. ยป. So, whether or not you think you can make it or not, often the question of your chances of success is primarily one of self-confidence. This aspect is therefore of paramount importance for anyone who is planning to successfully implement a project.

Inner Enemy

Unfortunately, most people tend to lack self-confidence, usually wrongly, and eventually become their own enemy. Yet, objectively speaking, your competitors should be the other students, those who may succeed where you might fail, those who call themselves your friends and who may steal an internship or, later on, a job from you. But nay, the masochism of some of them pushes them to scuttle before they make a mistake: they anticipate their failure. The worst thing is that the majority of you tend not to act or react in the face of this fatality because they are convinced that they will not succeed. Even if their loved ones support them, the most obsessive will sometimes even tend to go against the wind and find reasons to underestimate themselves.

Hazardous Confidence

Fortunately, it would appear that the problem of self-confidence does not affect all areas. That is, you are not prepared to face all fronts, you will be prepared on some and less prepared on others. So the key is to identify the problem areas and try to solve them on a case-by-case basis. Nevertheless, you cannot be good at everything, you have to accept that. Nor is the solution to change behaviour, at the risk of becoming virtually overconfident inappropriately in certain circumstances. You will therefore have to act on these problematic points, slowly but surely, after having studied what is really blocking (and not an idea of what is blocking), with all the objectivity you can muster. Feedback from your loved ones can certainly help you to identify the reasons for your doubts or beliefs, or even to find solutions. Even if you feel that you may miss an attempt, don't hesitate to take the plunge, the aim being to prepare as much as possible beforehand. And even if you don't succeed, you won't lose much and you will at least have tried.

In front of others

If it's a question of shyness, it will be more complicated, but you can train yourself to handle certain situations by anticipation. Otherwise, take it one step at a time. Finally, if it's other people's criticism that offends and weakens you, you must absolutely forget it, unless it's constructive: gratuitous criticism has never helped anyone. Then, whatever you do, it is simply a matter of believing in it.
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