4 actions on the menu of your new life

The Personal Development QuartetYou can see it by taking a look at the menu of this blog: the four main headings all end in -ion. Why do they all end in -ion? Not just to rhyme with the word action. These four complementary figures are simply important (although most probably not exhaustive) axes for the different objectives of personal development in a principle of transformation and improvement of your life.


It's not all about wanting to move forward, knowing where to go, or even how to optimize the slightest action, you also need to be sufficiently motivated to reach an objective. The will usually allows us to take the necessary steps to put our desires into practice. It will be more significant on long-term projects, less urgent but no less important, than on short-term projects where we like to counter the long term more easily, the two often proving incompatible, divided as we are between good and bad reasons, where we must know how to make the right selection to succeed in progressing. This is an enterprising action.


Trying to get organized may seem daunting, especially when the expression refers to the limited notion of storage, but it is unfortunately essential for those who want to optimize their time and thus increase their chances of success in relation to an objective. Organization is an obstacle to any objective for those who do not try to master it since it is aimed at your performance: it must make you more efficient, more productive. It means, for example, knowing how to anticipate, define your priorities and make decisions, obviously at the right time. It is an optimizing action.


Knowing where we're going means first of all knowing ourselves in order to be able to estimate our needs and define a plan to meet them. To be able to orient oneself is therefore to put oneself in a position to avoid stagnating (when others advance because they know where and how to go towards their goals). Ideally, this helps you to limit your future mistakes according to your efficiency in finding the information needed to set up your objectives. Orientation is a coherent whole around objectives that concern your whole life, which is optimized if you take control of your life as soon as possible. The combined framework of training actions and professional decisions is an important transversal axis, but it is the tree that hides the forest of a global will to change or evolve more widely, as well as to find one's bearings in the face of multiple possibilities, especially when one has to make an important decision about one's future. It is a channelling action.


It's a great engine that imagination. Without it, no business (in the very broadest sense of the term) would see the light of day, with all the consequences that we would not be able to envisage. Any short term or long term plan would be impossible, with a direct impact on our motivation. No one could push the limits, or even think about them, or anticipate anything without imagination. However, we do not exploit it sufficiently. Most people forget to nourish the basis of their imagination by informing, educating, and questioning their knowledge. How many hours a day do you spend really thinking for yourself? Your imagination needs to be stimulated to be functional. It is a stimulating action.
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