Sweep away your uncertainties to sleep peacefully

Sleep well... but in his bed! If you're not an outside-of-the-box thinker, you'll certainly have realized how aware you can sometimes become of the reality of an uncertain tomorrow, perhaps in the face of an upset certainty or a lack of anticipation. This can lead to anxiety attacks that can make you sleepless. As you can guess, the only solution to manage these insomnia or any other manifestation that is detrimental to your daily balance is to free yourself from your anxieties and, by the same token, from your uncertainties. Since I don't know any method to become extralucid, I'm going to propose a more down-to-earth approach, i.e. anticipate as much as possible to avoid a maximum of unpleasant surprises.

Knowing how to prepare

Being faced with a problem can be a difficulty, whereas it may sometimes be easier to prepare for it, if not to be able to grasp it, perhaps to simply avoid it. Anticipating a problem means both taking the time to think about it - it is often enough to consider several of the possibilities before us to identify possible problems that may arise - and, above all, to inform oneself or others, to benefit from the experience of those who have taken the same path a little ahead of time or those who have been able to reflect on important points that concern you but that you have not thought about. At the slightest doubt, try to remove it. Information or training remain the main tools to prepare yourself as well as possible for the unpredictable. It is a mechanism to have and to work on over time.

Managing the unexpected

Of course, even with the best anticipation in the world, don't think you'll never have to face the unexpected again. You have to learn how to deal with them. Knowing how to manage both your stress and your time should make the unexpected easier. Stress management should help you sleep more soundly, but someone who knows how to prepare for all eventualities will necessarily be better able to acquire this serenity. However, the unexpected is not always a problem. You may very well have considered one career and find yourself embarking on another very different one. As much as possible, you should then be as positive as possible. Time will do the rest and allow you to rethink your career strategy according to your new situation. There can be good and bad surprises, but you might as well learn how to manage them rather than just put up with them. Fighting insomnia can only help you in your studies, as it is one of the hardest times to get rid of, while getting a good night's sleep will allow you to cope with the most intense periods of work.
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