You won’t need to read these articles

It is a terrible admission of failure for me to teach you this, but you must learn to accept some painful truths: even if you are among the most assiduous, even if you understand every idea I have tried to convey through my various articles, it is undeniable that, for most of you, reading the articles of this blog will be of no use to you. This is not an official statistic, but from experience, it is quite easy to see that any learning, whether it be training or information, is generally not very effective. For example, if you read an academic work, even entirely, you will probably have either forgotten or misunderstood most of what you read. The other risk is that you may miss essential information that would have been relevant to your research.


Obviously, there are techniques that can improve your performance and thus limit the problems raised: to avoid forgetting certain information read, you can learn to work on your memory capacities, To better assimilate your reading, you can practice increasing your ability to concentrate, To increase the amount of information, you can go into fast reading, to widen your field of vision and distinguish the useful from the useless.

The behaviour

Knowing a method that will allow you to move forward is a minimum to possess. Beyond technique, there is however an important point, a barrier often on the edge of the impassable, which affects most of you: being able to cross the cape. Even if someone reads information that appeals to them, that seems relevant to them or that makes them question their methodology or their vision of things, this will not be enough because, for the most part, few people put into practice what they have read or learned. Hence the fact that I warn the readers of this blog: your reading won't do everything. Even if you broaden your horizons through your reading, your state of mind must evolve along with this broadening, you must assimilate these new data but above all use them concretely, otherwise your learning will be in vain, which necessarily requires a real awareness of the importance of having to move forward.


If the main obstacle concerns your awareness, there are many other obstacles often linked to your emotions:
  • fears, anxieties,
  • self-esteem,
  • stress, fatigue,
  • relational,
  • finance
At the same time, your motivation plays a key role: your perception of the value of your studies, as well as that of those around you, is important in order to take this step. There can be many reasons for this, and just one can make you lose the usefulness of your reading, here as elsewhere. So these are all aspects to work on in order to be able to optimize the efforts you have made to cultivate yourself.
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